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Private Security

CIS Division of Protective Services is dedicated to meeting and exceeding your expectations for your private security needs. We have professionally trained and licensed guards who will give you peace of mind while remaining cost effective. We guarantee competitive rates as we maintain a high quality standard while providing security services for you, your family, or your business.

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Private Investigation

CIS Division of Private Investigations is dedicated to our clients, reaching deep into the details of each situation, and gathering the information needed to gain the upper-hand in each case. We have numerous years of investigative experience dealing with sensitive cases and providing you or your legal counsel with the most accurate information.

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Why we're the BEST

CIS Division of Protective Services and Private Investigations was founded on years of experience in local security, state and federal law enforcement, and military security. Each member is licensed by the State of Ohio Department of Public Safety (PISGS). We carry a State of Ohio DPS PISGS Class "A" license which grants us permission to provide lawful and insured services.

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Service, Integrity, Professionalism We believe it's what makes the difference.

Personalized Service

We take extra time to listen to each client's demands and work together to provide a plan and solution that best fits each situation.

Customized Security

Your security services are customized to your particular needs. We utilize uniformed security services that offer an instant solution to whatever the problem may be. Presentation is the key to deter crime, and a strong work ethic is a fabric of every employee of CIS Division.

40 Years Combined Experience

We take great satisfaction from helping employers deter employee theft and fraud and our customers compliment us on our professionalism and the rapport that we have with others that share our experience and backgrounds.

Applied Technology

Our company uses the latest in technology as a part or our private investigation services such as voice stress analysis (CVSA) that is more accurate than a polygraph.

We pride ourselves in personalized service.